Satisfaction Guarantee

According to our customer’s specifications, lush Gardens, Inc. takes pride in designing and installing the highest quality landscape products. We do not doubt that our fine craftsmanship will exceed your expectations. We are willing to stand behind our work with the following warranty according to the General Terms:


  • Lush Gardens Inc. guarantees that all nursery stock we supply and install will survive four months from the invoice’s date.
  • We reserve the right to substitute plants of equal or more excellent value if and when the plants designated are not available.
  • Lush Gardens Inc. will cover under warranty only plants provided and installed by our company.
  • Lush Gardens, Inc. provides no warranty for plants not placed in conjunction with our irrigation installation.
  • We will not warranty your poorly-performing plants, but we are happy to inspect them and offer expert suggestions at no extra cost to you.
  • Lush Gardens Inc.’s warranty does not include, but is not limited to:
    1. Plant material such as transplants, annuals, non-thriving plants, bare-root plants, plants in containers above ground, client-supplied plants, and grass seed, unless we provide the maintenance upkeep.
    2. Damage due to machines such as vehicles, aerators, lawnmowers, etc.
    3. Damage due to vandalism, animals, or wildlife.
    4. Damage due to weather and environmental conditions, such as wind, hail, flooding, extreme temperatures, other damaging weather, etc.
    5. Damage due to insects, pests, chemical spills, or disease.
    6. Damage due to neglect by the homeowner.

Irrigation Systems

  • Lush Gardens, Inc. warranties all underground sprinkler and drip systems that we install with the materials that we provide. There will be a 6-month warranty on parts and labor.
  • Our warranty will be null and void if repairs or unauthorized adjustments are made to the system by anyone other than Lush Gardens Inc. team members.
  • Warranty does not include but is not limited to:
    1. Damage due to rodents, burrowing animals, aerators, lawnmowers, vehicles, etc…
    2. Damage due to weather and environmental conditions, such as freezing, lightning, etc.
    3. Sand and dirt contamination was originating from your water source.
    4. Power failure or surges are affecting the irrigation controllers through the power source.
    5. Failure to properly maintain or make necessary or correct adjustments to the controller programming, as needed, by owner or owner’s maintenance crew.                

Structures and Hardscaping

  • Lush Garden Inc.’s warranty period is for 36 months and begins from the completed installation date.
  • Lush Gardens, Inc. will warranty the structural integrity of any patio, driveway, deck, pergola, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, edging or walkway, installed by our team, that settles, heaves, or shifts (as a result of normal wear and tear of seasonal freeze/thaw factors) to the degree that it is unsightly or unsafe.
  • Our warranty does not include, but is not limited to:
    1. Issues such as the long-term settling, generally found around the foundation of a home, utility trenches, and septic systems and systems which were installed over previously excavated and filled areas.
    2. Any damage due to uncontrollable circumstances or naturally occurring blooms in pavers or stains.
    3. Warranty is null and void if changes or alterations are made. Warranty is null and void if new excavation, digging, or soil removal occurs within one foot of the finished job.
    4. Warranty is null and void if the surface or joint lines are cleaned with high-pressure water.
    5. Damaged by acts of war, acts of God, chemical or biological factors, as well as physical abuse.
    6. That which has been abused, subjected to, or placed under abnormal conditions of use.
    7. That which has been used, altered, or otherwise treated in any manner other than Warrantor intended.

Artificial Turf

This warranty covers only synthetic grass products that have been purchased from and installed by Lush Gardens Inc.

  • Lush Gardens Inc. warrantees artificial turf it installs against defects in workmanship, resulting in premature wear during normal and regular use of the product(s) within 18 months from the date of installation.
  • All warranties existing from the manufacturer shall be passed on to the property owner.
  • Warranty does not include, but is not limited to:
    1. That which is subject to or caused by abuse, or negligence or mistreatment;
    2. That is the result of improper maintenance, repairs, alterations, or replacements done by or installed by anyone but Lush Gardens Inc.
    3. That which is damaged, directly or indirectly, including, but not limited to, or on account of an accident.

Low-voltage Lighting

  • Your outdoor lighting system is warranted against defects, including parts and labor, for a period of 18 months.
  • All existing warranties from the manufacturer shall be passed on to the owner.
  • Warranty does not include, but is not limited to:
  1. Damage due to aerators, vehicles, lawnmowers, etc.
  2. Damage due to vandalism, animals, or wildlife.
  3. Destruction from nature and the environment, such as wind, hail, etc.
  4. Mechanical damage
  5. Light bulbs (In the event a bulb should burn out during the first 18 months, Lush Gardens Inc. shall provide replacement bulbs at the owner’s request. The owner shall cover the cost of the bulbs.)
  • Water Features
  • There are no warranties for water features, except for components with a manufacturer’s warranty, such as pumps, filters, skimmers, etc. Items requiring service after the warranty expiration period and or items not covered under warranty will be serviced at our current hourly rate, plus required materials. Warranty items will not be performed unless Lush Gardens, Inc. has been paid in accordance with the payment schedule.

General Terms

  • All warranty coverage starts from the date of installation regardless of the project’s completion date.
  • All warranties on all installations done for clients with a past due invoice and or late payment for any material or labor delivered will be null and void.
  • Installations done by Lush Gardens Inc., using material or methods specified by the owner or owner’s representative are not covered by Lush Gardens Inc.’s warranty.
  • No warranty will be offered on installations done using material or parts not purchased through or provided by Lush Gardens Inc, not even on the labor or craft.
  • Lush Gardens Inc. does not offer maintenance services nor emergency repairs.
  • Any modifications done to installation by anyone other than Lush Gardens Inc. will render the warranty offered null and void.
  • Voided warranties will not be reinstated under any circumstances.
  • All terms are subject to change or adjustment, during the warranty period, by Lush Gardens Inc.