Lighting Design & Installation

Create the right mood and keep safety in mind

Lighting is an essential element in any well-designed landscape. It improves your property’s appearance and approaches, allowing you to enjoy your customized paradise to the fullest. Energy-efficient options are available.

Lush Gardens Inc. takes pride in installing the highest quality lighting design. With over 15 years of professional landscape lighting design services, we have all the answers to your questions and solutions to create the right mood and atmosphere illuminating your property and bringing out the natural beauty of outdoor space after dark. 

With over 15 years of experience in the professional installation of outdoor lighting, we have offered fantastic exterior and landscape lighting systems in the Los Angeles area, CA. Our professionally licensed and insured landscape lighting team of experts is ready to discuss options for the right illumination for your property after dark. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best landscape outdoor lighting design installation that will last for many years and enhance your private oasis.

Whether you know what you want or would like to look at pictures and discuss options, we are willing to come out and show you what is possible.

Call for a free estimate today to see what a difference we can make. Lush Gardens Inc. and our team of industry experts and other trained professionals are standing by to offer their expertise.

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